Attorney Terry Low and Attorney Anthony Canata practice law in Northampton, Massachusetts, though we both enjoy taking cases in various federal courts in and around New England and regularly field calls from all over the country.

We concentrate in the areas of disability insurance claims and litigation, workers compensation and personal injury.  We are often retained to handle matters involving multiple kinds of litigation that interplay and overlap, such as when a person becomes disabled during an auto accident while working, where she is a participant in an ERISA governed disability plan and may also qualify for social security disability benefits.

Please visit our website, lowandcanata.com, which we use to present valuable information about our areas of practice.

We love practicing law, but we believe that the practice of law encompasses more than working our cases.  For us, lawyers are uniquely positioned to understand legal, political and social issues and should participate in the conversation about justice in our communities.  This blog is one of the ways for us to act on that belief.

This site is written primarily by Attorney Canata, though Attorney Low will contribute.  In addition, we will solicit posts from other lawyers we know, both on issues important to us and to them.

For me personally, I try to be an observer, a reader, a writer, a searcher for the essence of things. I believe in the power of words and ideas, in our creative power to reorder our thinking. But as a lawyer, I am also a lover of facts, of the things that we can all reasonably agree upon.  A mind functions best at the intersection of imagination and possibility.  The commentary on this blog about the things that I value – the law, our public discourse, the amazing and the absurd in everyday life – is part of my evolving process of knowing the world.  And that – knowing the world – is for me a never-ending end in itself.  Or, to say it another way, it is a living practice.