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A Lawyer’s Retrospective Road Map, Part I

I find it rather funny now, that when I decided become a lawyer I had no idea what law school was like and not a clue about the overall structure of our legal system.  This was not, mind you, for … Continue reading

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Representing the Guilty: The Tempest In the Teapot of Criminal Defense

The question I am asked most frequently about my criminal practice of law is, “do you ever represent people you know are guilty.”  Inasmuch as this is a blog about my practice of law, I suppose I ought to answer, … Continue reading

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Bill Maher Almost Gets Radical about Democracy

During Real Time on Friday night, Bill Maher went to a place that no pundit has gone – truly gone – since the inception of mass punditry.  He exposed the Founding Fathers for what they were: antidemocratic.  Unlike the other … Continue reading

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The Lawyer’s Art

When I tell people what I do for a living, one of the common responses is “I should have been a lawyer; I like to argue.”  I think two things when I hear this: 1) How do I get away … Continue reading

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