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Power and Spirituality

             As someone who tries to live a spiritual life but who works in a profession central to our power structure, I struggle with the inherent tension between these two worlds.  For the longest time I … Continue reading

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Fear and Loathing in the Courtroom

A bull rider was once asked, “What do you do to get ready for your next turn on the bull?”  His response: “Well, you’re never really ready.  It’s just your turn.”  I thought of this exchange recently, sitting in a … Continue reading

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A Lawyer Looks at 40 (Part II)

The decision to leave my law firm was not only a change in direction but also a change in orientation: it was a conscious decision to put the rest of my life first and my desire for success second.  It … Continue reading

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A Lawyer Looks at 40 (Part I)

There are certain practices in life that come to define us if we engage in them long enough.  They tend to be things that are deeply challenging, that require long hours of dedicated practice, and that cannot be mastered without … Continue reading

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